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Pour 2 nuits consécutives en yourte, cabane, roulotte ou bulle, nous vous offrons une séance de bain nordique
Le Mas du Pestrin

Belrepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park
Pour 2 nuits achetées, la 3ème vous est offerte ! Tentez l'expérience insolite au cœur de la Drôme des Collines...
Bivouac perché
Bénéficiez de séjours à prix réduits dans nos Eco-lodges sahariens pour tout séjour en semaine (hors vendredi, samedi, dimanche): de -20% à -30%.
Retrouver toutes nos idées de séjour sur :
Cabane dans les arbres et Lodges Sahariens
Une carte cadeau pour faire REVER  au bord de l'eau !
La perle d'R au bord de l'eau en Baie de Somme
Au coin du feu en amoureux dans la petite maison du berger ! Bougies
Nid d'Amour en scène

Le Moulin de la Jarousse
Traditional log cabins located in the heart of the forest
Click to view the accommodation Le Moulin de la Jarousse

Click to view the accommodation Cabanes flottantes du lac de Pelisse

Cabanes flottantes du lac de Pelisse

Near Bergerac, close to the bastide Castillonnes, lake almost 2 hectares, come and relax in our 2 floating huts that run on them even in the wind. Absolute calm and zen in the middle of one of the most beautiful region of France.
Le Temps Suspendu

5 treehouses near Bayonne and Pau.

Click to view the article «Controlling the Harlingen Crane»
Controlling the Harlingen Crane

In a previous life, this crane was used to unload timber cargoes from Eastern Europe. Since six years, the Lady is like a posh hostess at Harlingen port. Perched above 17 meters, its engine room has been transformed into an adorable high-tech setting with acidulous tones. For fans of jury-rigging, note that everything is remotely controlled: light, sound and heating system.
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Real life is here

The Bourgogne-Franche Comté offers prestigious wines and vineyards, nice cuisine, sites classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, a network of rivers of more than 1200 km, in a well-preserved natural site. A land full of history at the crossroads of big water streams as well as terrestrial, economic and cultural, French and European routes, the Bourgogne is waiting for you with arms wide open.

Click to view the accommodation Station Prouvé
Station Prouvé

Click to view the accommodation Gîtes le Pigeonnier du Mas de Saillac
Gîtes le Pigeonnier du Mas de Saillac

Click to view the accommodation Les Cabanes de Labrousse
Les Cabanes de Labrousse

Roulottes et Cabanes insolites de Saint Cerice et Spa

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